Visa and Travel

  • Available travel grants for PhD students

    • We cannot help with travel grants. Please consult your university/PI for the same.

  • Type of visa and duration.

    • A Conference Visa is required for attending CAMP. This visa is valid for a maximum period of one month.

  • Extended visa for travelling in India.

    • If you plan to stay longer than 1 month, you will need to apply for a separate tourist visa.

  • Passport information for Dual Citizens. (Holders of 2 or more passports.)

    • Use the passport whose details you had initially provided us with. This is because we have sent those details to the Ministry of External Affairs which processes and clears you for entry on a conference visa.

  • Consulate to apply for visa.

    • Please apply to the same Indian consulate which you mentioned in the CAMP application form.

Miscellaneous questions

  • Extended accommodation and food requests.

    • Please note that we cannot support stay and food for more than the conference duration. If you must stay for a few days longer, then please write to us. This will be evaluated on case by case basis, however, you will have to pay for your meals by yourself.

  • Monsoon Requirements.

    • Bangalore weather is pleasant and monsoons will likely have set in by then. Please carry a light pullover/jacket and an umbrella.